How To Get Free Guns Skin in Free Fire

Hello Viewers ! Today,  I am gonna share my views on “ How to get free Guns skin  in free fire – Initially, lets discuss about some basic information regarding this : Free Fire is extraordinary compared to other fight royale games with regards to weapon skins, outfit sets and accessibility of characters. 

Achieving these skins is, notwithstanding, not a simple undertaking, particularly for gift clients, as it requires some financial speculation. Accordingly, players are regularly watching out for elective strategies to get free perpetual weapon skins in Free Fire. 

Garena as of late presented another occasion in the game, which is set to be unbelievably useful for players as it rewards them with a free Scar L-Violet Terror skin. Also, players can keep this incredible skin in their stock until the end of time. 

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Steps to get free lasting Scar-L weapon skin in Free Fire 

Open the game and sign in to your Free Fire account.Head over to the occasions segment and discover ‘Perm Gun Skin’ event.Tap on it and guarantee your free rewards.Log in the game for 28 sequential days to store it forever in your record. 



Occasion Duration: 5 August – 6 September 

Prizes: Scar-Violet Terror, Diamond voucher, UMP-Violet Terror and M104-Violet Terror 

Players are strongly prescribed to take an interest in this occasion as Garena is offering different energizing prizes for simply opening the game.

About Free Fire Battle Royale 

Free Fire is a fight royale portable game that was delivered back in 2017. It is an allowed to-play game that is created and distributed by Garena. The game is a lot of a conventional fight royale game where a set number of individuals are delivered in a far off area, where they should endure utilizing all the weapons and pinion wheels they can discover. In Free Fire, 50 players bounce from a plane on an unwanted island, and the final player dominates the match.

Which is the rarest gun skin in free fire?

Flaming Dragon AK- 

The Dragon AK is the most popular skin among Free Fire players. It is also the hardest skin to get in the game. This is a legendary gun skin that doubles the fire rate of the weapon while also increasing the damage and stability.


Finding the correct weapon can be an extremely dreary and testing task. The correct weapon is a blend of furnishing players with an extraordinary development speed alongside astonishing precision. Besides, the discharge pace of firearms is additionally significant as it very well may be a finished distinct advantage in Garena Free Fire. Furthermore, the harm, reach and magazine size of a firearm are likewise vital components to consider when finding the correct weapon. Normally with regards to fight royale, it is significant to utilize a firearm with a remarkable magazine size so as not to run out of ammunition during warmed meetings. In any case, at that point the greater the magazine, the lesser the portability component becomes possibly the most important factor too. This is the reason a significant equilibrium in the insights of the firearms is needed to nail those gunfights. Here is our determination of the top firearms in the game which have adjusted details and incredible dealing with to help you go all the way in the game.

Garena Free Fire: Best Guns To Use


best guns garena free fire mp40

The MP40 is the best SMG in the game and top players know that. From a crazy fast fire rate to an amazing time to kill in close range combat, the MP40 is definitely the way to go for SMG lovers. Moreover, it will suit the playstyle of most users.

2-  M1014

best guns garena free fire m1014

The M1014 is the best shotgun in Garena Free Fire for sure. From that lethal damage at close range to a decent fire rate, players can nail gunfights without breaking a sweat. Moreover, what makes it a great choice is the fact that it is easily available when you land.

3-  AWM

best guns garena free fire awm

The AWM has been a fan favorite for a very long time now and here is why. First of all, people always wanted a reliable sniper rifle and this is an excellent option in Garena Free Fire. That long range alongside an insane damage output is just lethal in the battleground.

4-  M60

best guns garena free fire m60

This is that LMG you definitely should use and look out for at the same time in Garena Free Fire. The incredible damage numbers and bullet spread is certainly a force to reckon with.

5-  AK47

best guns garena free fire ak

No list is complete without the AK47 in it. A high damage and recoil gun. If you are someone who can easily control vertical recoil, this is hands down the best gun in Garena Free Fire.

6-  SCAR

best guns garena free fire scar

The SCAR is basically a lesser recoil version of the AK47. It is a very stable and reliable gun to use. However, it is at its best with level 3 attachments.


best guns garena free fire famas

This is a burst assault rifle and shoots 3 bullets at a time. Famas has a great fire rate and good accuracy for beginners to use and bag kills.

8-  M4A1

best guns garena free fire m4a1

This is the most stable assault rifle in the game for beginners. Furthermore, if you are a beginner who does not care about the gun statistics much and just want to enjoy with friends, the M4A1 is the gun for you. Moreover, the stats of this gun are very well balanced even without any attachments, making it a viable choice for beginners.

9-  Groza

best guns garena free fire groza

The Groza is probably the best assault rifle in Garena Free Fire. However, the reason it is placed so low on this list is because of its availability. The gun is only available via air drops, making it a very risky affair.

10 – M79

best guns garena free fire m79

The M79 is the most brutal weapon of choice in the game. However, the problem with this is the fact that it is hard to find in the battlefield. But, if you do find it, there is nothing quite like it. This grenade launcher quite literally blows people away and can be a massive game changer.

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The takeaway here is that it is of paramount importance to find the gun which suits your playstyle the best. Each gun has a unique play style to go about it and you can use it to your advantage to bag the most kills. Moreover, sticking to the best gun for as long as you do not get bored is another important thing to note. This will not only improve your hold over the gun but make you more confident during tight situations.

Conclusion :

  1. In the game, the occasions are fundamentally taken an interest in for their prizes and blessing things. By finishing undertakings during the occasions, players are remunerated different free things like characters, weapon skins, containers, and much more.  Likewise, these occasions run for a few days which gives more opportunity for the members to finish it. To check the rundown of occasions running in the game, explore to the occasions area in Free Fire. 
  1. The Elite Pass is another simple method to get free perpetual firearm skins. Through this technique, players can get incredible weapon skins by finishing missions while playing the game.  At whatever point another season shows up in the game, Garena presents two forms of the Elite Pass. In the free form, players can get compensations without spending a solitary penny in the game.

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